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My name is Harley & this is my story.

I was born on the 3rd Feb 1995 to Lady my mum & Caesar my dad. Life began in my new home early April 1995, when I arrived with a bad dose of diarrhoea. My new mum put this down to a long drive home or even the change of food. After a few day I still had the diarrhoea & added to this I had now started vomiting. My mum took me to the vet & it turned out that I had picked up a virus called Coccidia. My vet treated this with antibiotics & vytrate to help keep fluids in my body. After a couple of days I was allowed to start eating small amounts of Hills I/D. Over the next few months the Coccidia had left me with repeated bouts of diarrhoea. During this time I was on several drug treatments with only a temporary result, until finally I responded to Sulpha Drugs. My bowel motions were still very soft.

I was 10months old when the diarrhoea returned bringing this time alot of bleeding from my bowel. I was so sick that my mum & dad thought I was going to die. There was only one thing left to do & that was I had to go to sleep for a short time while the vets has a look at my bowel. Finally we had the answer, my bowel was full of Ulcers & Scare Tissue. Over the next few months I was given several more drug treatments, but my body got used to them & I got sick again. I was now a year old & there was talk of me going to Massey University in Palmerston North so that a study could be done on my condition, but I wasn't strong enough to make this long trip. My mum did alot of research on alternatives & we even tried herbal remedies like comfry with some success but the bleeding started again.

At 18months old I got very sick again & my mum took me to another vet for a second opinion. Steve as I knew him by, did confirm that I had Ulcerative Colitis. Steve started me on a months treatment of Predisone, Peptosyl & more Hills I/D. Early Dec 1996 with the Predisone treatment & a change in my diet the colitis seemed to be under control, but that wasn't to be. Over the next few months I had several more treatments.

I was now 2years & 3months & I got very sick again, this was the 3rd time my mum & dad believed I was going to die. My mum rushed my to Steve. This time everything was different, I could bearly walk & the bleeding was just continuious from my bowel. Steve worked on me for 1 1/2 hrs just to stablise me. That night as my mum sat with me, watching me, came a phone call that would change my life. The phone call was from another Boxer owner, who's Boxer had been diagnosed with colitis & he had been given a treatment that had put him into remission. The next day we went back to Steve for a checkup & mum told him about the phone call. Steve immediately made some phone calls & came back to us with the "News that gaves us HOPE". On the 31st May 1997 I was put a 3week course of a combination of Baytril, Stomorgyl & Clavulox. This put me into remission. I have now been in remission for 15months & I have gained lots of weight. My mum & dad are very pleased I only cost them my food money now. I may not be in remission for the rest of my life but at least we know there is hope & another course of that special combination.

***********This article was published in the NZ Boxer Bulletin 1998************

Harley went on to have a few more years of good quality life but in early 2003 after suffering a few seizures which progressively became worse each time, was diagnosed with a Brain Tumour & passed away peacefully with all those that loved him around him. I will never forget the joy he brought into my life, he was my Soul Mate & my shadow, you are forever in my heart my darling angel now running free of the pain.
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